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Indo-Japan Monorail & LRT Seminar

Venue: Delhi, India

3 September 2013

The Indo-Japan Monorail & LRT Seminar held jointly by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and India's Ministry of Urban Development to provide an opportunity to promote technology from Japan, a leader in medium- capacity transit systems. India is considering the use of monorails and LRTs in its urban areas because of their low cost of construction and flexibility of track layout. Hitachi presented details of its monorail technology and past projects. On the Indian side, the seminar was attended by Indian state governors, senior officials from the transportation industry, and others involved in the railways, and included presentations on the progress of transportation projects in different parts of India and the strategies being adopted. The event provided the chance for very fruitful exchange of views between the nations regarding the provision of medium-capacity transit systems.