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Hitachi aims to achieve higher speeds on curves using existing infrastructure with a failsafe and energy-saving tilting system.

Photos of the Tilting Trains

The system has been developed to increase the operational speed of the trains on Japanese narrow gauge lines which have many curves. With the system, car bodies are tilted at curves to compensate for unbalanced car body centrifugal acceleration to a greater extent than the compensation produced by the track cant, so that passengers do not feel centrifugal acceleration and thus trains can run at higher speed at curves.


Tilting trains are being operated in Europe and Canada, other than Japan. However, for the following reasons, it is obvious that the Japanese system is the most suitable one for a meter gauged line which has many reverse curves.
Today more than 536 units of tilting train cars are in operation in Japan and Australia.

High Reliability

Improved comfort at the entrances and exits of curves due to prevention of tilt delay

Pneumatic control to enable space-saving and simpler maintenance

Comparison between the Japanese and European system