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HITACHI: Key Player of Shinkansen Train

Photos of High Speed Trains

As the key player in the development of the Shinkansen bullet train vehicles in Japan, Hitachi has taken part in all Shinkansen rolling stock projects. Design and production of a light aluminum body, a VVVF inverter unit, ATC control and other such instruments along with the Hitachi laboratories' outstanding engineering capacity have been brought together to make it possible to provide a comfortable moving space characterized by low noise and low vibration that is perfectly adapted to the environment through which the tracks pass. Hitachi is contributing in this way to the development of rolling stock which is safe, highly reliable, and demonstrates superior value for money.

  • * Note: In some countries, "ATC" here is also called "ATP (Automatic Train Protection)".


A major problem that needs to be faced in regard to Japanese high-speed trains that run on tracks passing through residential areas is that of decreasing noise in the vicinity of the tracks. Other problems that need to be solved are those of noise (micro-pressure waves) and the sudden changes in pressure that occur when a Shinkansen train enters a tunnel in many mountainous areas.
Hitachi possesses laboratories active in many fields of research and is providing support for development of the Shinkansen vehicles through the use of simulation technology and test facilities.

Reducing noise and vibration

Improvements in safety and comfort

High-accuracy, visually attractive nose forms

Checking on durability

Reducing noise and vibration

Increasing engineering efficiency