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Customer designer's expectations and experience could be summed up in one word -"dream." We hope to help make this dream come true in our next-generation railway vehicles by combining the expertise of Hitachi and our partners.

Design Division

Design Department

This department coordinates specialized technology and research to provide design solutions that embody this "dream" in tangible form.

Left : CG of Commuter Train for UK, Right : CG of Mini Monorail-Smart Run

User Experience Research Center

This center evaluates and proposes customer experience (the "dream") of passengers based on human-centered research.
Making the "dream" even easier to understand and use.

Usability Design Group

This group furthers the quality of designs by studying context of use, opinions, and behavior, and by testing usability.

Left : Photo of Usability Testing of Automated Teller Machine, Center : Photo of Usability Testing Room, Right : Photo of Usability Testing of Mobile Phone

Universal Design Group

Making the "dream" accessible to even more people...
Research by special user groups, including senior citizens and physically disabled users, is conducted in the quest to make railway vehicles accessible to the diverse cross-section of customers.

Left : Photo of Accessibility test of Train and Station, Center : Photo of Accessibility test of Automated Teller Machine, Right : Photo of Senior Citizen Simulation

Interaction Design Group

Providing an even newer and more attractive "dream"...
Research into the interactions between people and equipment, information, and other people is conducted to provide new, even more attractively packaged information and services.

Left : Photo of Experience Design Fair '02, Right : Photo of Mobile Information Device-Water Scape

Hitachi's cooperate members

Continually pursue the highest-quality design based on the extensive international experience and the deep insight into, and passion for, vehicle design.

Neumeister + Partner Industrial Design (Munich)

Left : CG of Hitachi High Speed Train-HST350, Right : Photo of Interior of the Fukuoka Linear Metro 3000