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The government of the United Kingdom selected Hitachi's "Bi-mode" technology as a cost effective solution for reducing expenditures needed for implementing the Intercity Express Programme, the largest PPP railway project in the history of the UK railway market.

  • Replacement of the current 30 year-old intercity trains around the United Kingdom (Approximately 600 vehicles)
  • 30 years maintenance service
  • Maximum speed 200 km/hr

Proposed Concept: COST & TIME SAVING

  • Enhancement of Operating Expenditure: The same train can operate in both electrified downtown areas and non-electrified suburbs, sharing the same railway tracks.
  • Reduction of Capital Expenditure: No need to invest in wayside electrification facilities (transmission lines, power substations, overhead catenary, cabling, etc.)
  CAPEX Revenue Downtown Access Environmental Impact Noise Levels
High Good Good Low Low
(30-40% reduction)
Good Good Low Low
Low Good Poor High High

Key Features

All trains are equipped with both electric propulsion and diesel engines. The same train can be operated in both sections, enabling efficient fleet management, resulting in dramatically enhanced return on investment.