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Light weight and easy-to-recycle aluminum is an alternative ecological material that brings about energy and resource savings. The all-aluminum car body, which is lighter compared to a stainless steel car body, enables running costs to be suppressed and at the same time allows easy recycling and re-use of material in the future. The A-train also makes extensive use of aluminum in the interior parts of the car replacing plastic-based materials.
The new body consisting of a double skin structure integrates revolutionary technology called FSW (Friction Stir Welding). The A-train system, which makes good use of multi-functional modules, also demonstrates its usefulness in resolving serious problems anticipated in the future, including the steep shortfall in the number of skilled workers, and promotes high quality and high accuracy car construction. This system eliminates the "work of matching various parts" and cuts down the number of parts component significantly. Every module can be easily removed facilitating maintenance and modifications in the future, and contributing to reduced life cycle costs.