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Hitachi Power Supply System and Equipment for Railway

Hitachi Power Supply Solutions for transport have offered the proven power systems and solutions to help customers reliable, safety and low power loss railway system so far. In addition, we have continually provided innovated Equipment to meet customer's requirement, to save environment-friendly equipment, and to save maintenance cost.
The current main innovated Equipment is introduced as below, Cubicle type Vacuum Insulated Switchgear (C-VIS), High Speed Vacuum Circuit Breaker (HSVCB), Energy Storage for Traction Power Supply System (B-Chop), Stray Current Monitoring System (SCMS). These innovated Equipments have been selected and applauded by many customers all over the world.
We're not only just Equipment Supplier and System Integrator and Consultant for Power Supply System but also the provider for most suitable and efficient railway service. And we convince that we can corporate with customer and develop the best solution to be desired.

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)

Hitachi has been providing SCADA systems for power supply and network equipment surveillance through know-how accumulated not only in railway business but also in our broad business fields, we are capable of designing a system suited to every customer's needs.