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Hitachi has studied and improved the direct current circuit breakers of various methods since we developed and delivered the DC high-speed air circuit breaker.
In 1987, we developed DC circuit breaker applied the vacuum interrupter for the railroad for the first time in the world. We have delivered many circuit breakers to the major private and public railroad up to the present.
Our sophisticated technology and outstanding development capability realize the advanced, reliable, safe, user-friendly and sturdy DC circuit breaker. Hitachi contributes the electric railroad system demanded to the safer service through HSVCB which is unique to us.


Photo of High speed vacuum circuit breaker

  • Low noise
  • No arc emission
  • Very short time interruption
  • Low maintenance

3.Rating and Specifications

Rating and Specifications
Normative standard JEC-7152 (1991) IEC61992-1, 2 (2006)
Rated voltage DC 750V / 1500V DC 900V / 1800V
Rated service current 3,000A / 4,000A 3,150A / 4,000A
Rated making and breaking capacity 50kA (at 3×106A/s)
/ 100kA (at 10×106A/s)
Rated track time constant - 31.5ms
Setting range of releases 4kA ~ 12kA 4kA ~ 12kA
Driving method Hybrid type electromagnetic actuator & Magnetic repulsion coil
Breaking method Commutation with commutating capacitor