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ATI System Devices list
Driver's Display UnitPhoto of Driver's Display UnitThis unit displays the various information to crew and sets the various adjustable parameter of equipment concerned by touching the surface of screen (Touch panel applied).
I/C Card Reader/Writer UnitPhoto of I/C Card Reader/Writer Unit This unit reads/ writes the data of non-contact IC card.
Reading data : Timetables, etc.
Writing data : Event record,statistical data, etc.
Input/Output (I/O) UnitPhoto of Input/Output (I/O) Unit This unit interfaces with equipment concerned.
Master UnitPhoto of Master Unit This unit sums up the data within a train that is collected via transmission line and carries out the driver/passenger/
maintainer assisting.
Passenger Information DisplayPhoto of Passenger Information Display LED dot matrix type PID/(Destination Indicator)
Terminal UnitPhoto of Terminal Unit This unit puts together the information within a car and transfers it to Master Unit. Also, this unit transfers the control signal from master Unit for equipment concerned.