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4 June 2009

Photo of Monorail in Palm Jumeirah Island

On 30th April 2009, the Palm Jumeirah Transit System started operation of their monorail system.
This monorail is the first railway system in UAE and also the first monorail system in Middle East.

The Palm Jumeirah Island is an artificial island constructed by NAKHEEL, UAE's largest property developer, and one of the main projects in Dubai for their resort development.
The island is shaped as palm trees and you can see a luxury hotel, a recreational facility and a lot of resort villas there.

Hitachi monorail in Palm Jumeirah Island connects mainland Dubai and the Palm Jumeirah Island.
This monorail has 4 stations, Gateway Tower, Trump Tower, Palm Mall and Atlantis Aquaventure and the line length is approximately 5.4km.

Hitachi was awarded the contract in December 2006 to supply monorail system including rolling stock (4 trains of 3-car configuration), track switch, signaling system, communication system and substation etc.

The streamlined shape of the vehicles matches the atmosphere of the resort island and they were also designed to suit the unique climate in Middle East, such as extreme temperature and sandblast.

The operation system of this monorail is ATO (Automatic Train Operation), driverless with attendants for any emergency situations.

This monorail runs at an average speed of 35km/h and the maximum speed of 70km/h and can carry up to 2,400pphpd when 3 trains are operated.

In this world's largest artificial resort island, the monorail is an effective and ideal means of transportation with the smart structure and low impact on the surrounding environment or scenery.